RFID tags  in the shape of buttons
RFID tags in the shape of buttons

(RFID World Canada) Daily RFID has released its new button shaped, washable RFID tags for clothing retail and rental shops. The tag comes with a small whole in the middle making it very convenient and easy to use and attach to clothes. The sealed RFID tags inside the button makes the tag very efficient and ideal for garment stores to keep track of inventory as well as what comes in and goes out.
The tags make it very easy to locate any given garment in a store or to keep track of the number of the piece of clothing in a store because of the advanced auto-ID tracking technology.  Product information about the garment and store such as its name, size and colour make are easy to track because of the mini RFID garment tag.  This makes accessibilty and visibility much easier for both the sales representatives and customers.
This RFID tag has already been widely used in garment stores in the past and now it is available to use in a wide variety of applications such as in hospitals, casinos and hotels.  Overall, the tags make monitoring and keeping track of the inventory easier.

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