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(RFIDWorld.ca) A leading provider of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, RFID Tagsource, just announced that they have signed a contract with Federal Aviation Administration to do reserach and development together as a team.  The collaborative project will involve researching ways to enhance flight safety operations.  This will be done by storing maintenance history information directly on RFID tags that will be placed on aircraft parts.  AeroTag, Tagsource’s new high memory passive RFID tag will be used for this new innovation.  The use of the Aerotag will improve the inspection process by helping to track the pedigree of the flight’s certified parts.
The research and development is being done at the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center so that the company will have easy access to laboratory facilities and resources which are created by the FAA to benefit the aerospace field.
The contract displays the steps towards growth that have been taken by the company to improve RFID in aerospace and defense.  RFID Tagsource also partnered up with The Boeing Company on the Air Force ARAI program to design special RFID tags attached to Air Force F-16.  This partnership was made earlier this year and the Air Force F-16’s with the new RFID tags were tested at Edwards Air Force Base in California.
Frank LoBiondo, New Jersey Congressman, stated that RFID Tagsource is one of many companies whose development has poised South Jersey as the Silicon Valley of aviation research and development.  He is also a member of the House Aviation Subcommittee.  He is pleased with the development of the collaborative project because it will create jobs and have a positive impact for the industry as a whole.
Kevin Donahue, the Managing Director of RFID Tagsource believes that one of the aerospace industry’s mission is to improve flight safety and operational efficiency and the work of this project does exactly that.  The resources and developmental efforts available at the FAA Technical Center have really helped to speed up the process of  development making the whole project and partnership between FAA and RFID Tagsource and impact a valuable one.

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