RFID in Healthcare Consortium (RHCC)
RFID in Healthcare Consortium (RHCC)

(RFID World Canada) Market Center Management Company, a company dealing with trade centers and trade events across the world has teamed up with RFID in Healthcare Consortium (RHCC). The affiliation will lead to an integrated showroom in Nashville Medical Trade Center. RFID (radio frequency identification) and RTLS (real time locating systems) technologies in healthcare and in nursing home industries will be showcased in the allocated space at the Trade Center. The aim is to improve patient care, operating efficiencies and safety procedures by showcasing multiple companies’ products in one integrated space. This is the first of its kind in the world.

The three-phase technology complex development will eventually encompass 80,000 square feet and will include The Center of Excellence, The Intelligent Hospital, and the International Technology Pavilions.

Hospital environments will be closely replicated to provide a realistic area in which surgical services, emergency rooms, critical care units and registration will be housed. In addition “real-time” patient information will be delivered to smartphones or tablets from operating rooms, intensive care units and emergency department rooms. All of this information will be managed through a Central War Room.

Healthcare decision makers are expected to attend from all across the world to see first-hand how information is collected through the use of data capture technologies from diverse patient care units across various locations in the center. Auto-ID/Barcode scanning, RFID, RTLS sensors and wireless technologies are some of many machinery types that will be on display for visitors to see and learn from.

In the second phase of construction, both an assisted and independent living home and nursing home room will be showcased in addition to the phase 1 Intelligent Hospital. Auto-ID, biometrics, RTLS, RFID, NFC, sensors and other wireless technologies for long-term care will be the focus of the displays.

The Center of Excellence will be a space for comprehensive research, teaching, testing and training. This learning space will include scientific tests on hardware and software which participating technology vendors can take advantage of. The academic partners will provide an immense amount of collaborative learning opportunities.

Finally, inside the International Technology Pavilions a collection of individual technology suites will be created. Dozens of internationally based manufacturers and suppliers of products and services will be available, providing information on products and services within the RFID and RTLS industries. The latest advancements of their products and services will be shared with visitors.

The permanent showrooms are the first of its kind and they will use temporary exhibition space to house the education and training facilities. The newly created space will be housing healthcare products, services and solutions for global reach.

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