Sycuan Casino uses RFID technology
Sycuan Casino uses RFID technology

( Sycuan Casino is adopting InvoTech’s GIMS Ultra-High Frequency RFID Uniform System to have greater control over its worker uniforms. With over 1,600 team members in eight different departments changing uniforms daily, the casino has decided to take up the GIMS UHF Radio Frequency ID Uniform System, which will automate tracking of all of Sycuan’s 20,000 apparel items through bulk electronic scanning, rather than hand counting. This change has taken place in line with the casino’s recent renovation in its interior.

The barcode version GIMS which was implemented in 2007 is what Sycuan currently uses from InvoTech. It was initially implemented for greater accuracy. The system includes Fujitsu WT- A511 UHF-RFID laundry tags provided by Fujitsu Frontech North America, and was sewn into Sycuan Casino’s apparel items.

The assets for “the tribe” need to be controlled carefully because of the lack of an in-house laundry facility said Vanessa Barbarin, the purchasing manager for Sycuan Casino. She further stated that although the Casino administration was very content with the cureent Invotech GIMS system, they are excited to upgrade to the new system in line with the new look of their casino. The new system will move Sycuan Casino to the next level of efficiency as they continue to renovate the casino she said. She believe a more efficient process will be the result of the new system because it will tell them exactly what their spendings and savings are which will create a more efficient process. As a result the cost reduction of loss and damaged items will go drastically down and that is what she is looking forward to.

The UHF technology will allow for items at the casino to be counted in batches rather than by single-piece barcode scans. The fully-automated UHF-RFID readers, powered by Impinj will be installed by InvoTech, in the hallways between the casino’s loading dock and its uniform department. As clean or soiled uniforms are passing through the hallway, the direction in which they go–whether it be to the laundry, or to the clean shelves–will be automatically detected. This in turn will ensure errors and increase efficiency in terms of accurate reporting and inventory counts. No computer or user input is required because a light flashes to confirm the uniforms were processed into the GIMS uniform system. Portable handheld readers will also be provided by InvoTech, to aid with the casino’s monthly physical inventory which will reduce the time and number of staff required to do complete the task.

On-site system installation and training as well as ongoing 24-hour customer support will be provided by InvoTech to ensure quality service and to perform any software upgrades.

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