RFID Solar Module
RFID Solar Module

(RFIDWorld.ca) KPV Solar GmbH, headquarter in Carinthia, Austria, has introduced RFID technology into its photovoltaic modules which are solar. This adoption allows for greater anti-counterfeiting and product traceability.

A distinct serial number will be carried on an RFID chip which will be integrated into each module’s laminate. Each chip will be able to carry any related information and documentation regarding specific characteristics as it applies to each module.

As incoming and outgoing goods are processed, information can be read from the front and backside to automatically record and book each serial number. This in turn will further simplify the logistic cycle.

Also, the RFID protected logo will serve as a double anti-theft protection reducing any theft or counterfeiting. If the module becomes lost or stolen, the RFID chip warrants reliable traceability as well as identification, unlike any other traditional adhesive that could be easily removed.

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