Terso Solutions - Freezer
Terso Solutions - Freezer

(RFIDWorld.ca) Terso Solutions recently launched a new Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) freezer with an added RFID technology touch. Terso Solutions is known for its RFID-enabled enclosures that are made for healthcare, manufacturing companies, research labs, distributors as well as for forensic facilities. The perks of this new freezer are that it requires less space while having more compartments to make better usage of the space available. Also, less maintenance is required because of the reduction of manual processes. The reduction of manual processes allows for higher savings.

In addition to being highly efficient, special features of the ULT freezer provide greater protection for high valued products such as biosamples, genetic material, reagents and tissue.

Joe Pleshek, CEO of Terso Solutions explained that the company’s past success with their –20 degrees C RFID-enabled freezer led their customers to request an additional solution to manage and store their biosamples and tissue inventory. Such samples must be stored between temperatures of –50 degrees C and –86 degrees C according to Pleshek and that is why the healthcare clients opted for a new product. The new RFID-enabled freezer reduces the waste of energy because the time spent keeping doors open is reduced. The reduction in wastage of time results from an automated process, which generates automatic inventory cycle counts. The new ULT freezer eliminates manual processes, which in turn ensure that all items stored are kept fresh.

The ULT freezer can store products down to –86 degrees C and has 14.9 cubic feet of space for storage. The rates of reliability and accountability are increased with the new freezer because it allows the user to capture inventory transactions from item to item and records which user has accessed the freezer. Also, the freezer can detect expiration dates, temperature levels, as well as if a product is spoiled. If the door of the freezer is left open, a set alarm will go off.

All of Terso’s products are certified by the Federal Communications Commission for EMC emissions. It has received the CE, UL and C-Tick certifications. Terso has made up to 1000 RFID-enabled freezers, refrigerators, and cabinets around the world.

Terso products, not only enhance the life of health of products but they also increase efficiency and reliability for improved business intelligence.

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