The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) began using radio frequency identification (RFID)?technology to keep track of city buses in Bangalore, India, for greater efficiency.

The fully automated vehicle tracking system incorporates fixed RFID readers from CSL installed at the main entrance to the bus terminal to read vehicle tags mounted on the city buses. ABLogics Private Ltd. implemented the custom solution using ABLogics TechBee RFID tags and network-connected CS203 integrated RFID readers, paired with TechBee rTrack web-based software.

Deployment of the BMTC system began with Bangalore’s Shivajinagar bus terminal, where traffic density is the highest in the city with nearly 100,000 transit passengers daily. To date, all of Bangalore’s 1,000 city buses have been tagged, and RFID readers are expected to be installed at the entry and exit points in a number of key bus terminals throughout the city.

“With this system in place, BMTC can more easily identify the reasons when buses don’t adhere to the schedule, helping them address specific issues and improve route analytics,” said Amal Rani Meenakshi, global solutions manager for RFID with ABLogics. “We worked closely with the BMTC to design the best solution that would enable them to offer more efficient and effective commuter service.”

Previously, BMTC used GPS vehicle tracking units to track the buses throughout the city. However, with a fleet of 1,000 buses, each making approximately 8-10 trips per day, BMTC selected the RFID solution from CSL and ABLogics for a more effective approach to addressing their logistics challenges.

“Because CS203 RFID readers offer Ethernet network connectivity, transit employees can quickly access real-time data for each vehicle, such as the bus number, route, original schedule and time of arrival,” said Ketan Kolge, India sales director, Convergence Systems Limited. “This not only provides a ready database for evaluating efficiency, it also alleviates work for ticket collectors who were tasked with manually recording bus arrival times.”

Versatile CS203 integrated UHF RFID readers offer a long read range and a high read rate, as well as either left hand or right hand circular polarization, so they can be installed in close-range or long-range environments. Together with ABLogics’ TechBee tags and software, CSL RFID technology is helping the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation increase transit route efficiency, keeping buses and their passengers on schedule.

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