Parental Drug Association
Parental Drug Association

RFID technology has been found to be safe for use with biologics based on a study supported by Intelleflex, a provider of on-demand data visibility solutions for supply chains and asset tracking.

The study, “Effects of Radio Frequency Identification-related Radiation on In Vitro Biologics,” conducted by the Parental Drug Association (PDA) found that track an trace operations can be done using RFID technology due to the technology being compatible and safe to use in close proximity to biologics. The vitro test results showed that there was no non-thermal effect by radio frequency radiation after being tested on over 100 biopharmaceutical products from eight major drug companies.

ePedigree laws in California recently changed their requirements which mandate that a combination of RFID and 2D barcode technologies is necessary for monitoring the condition of biologics, such as vaccines, medications and therapeutics.

“We’re pleased that the results of this study prove that RFID technology is inherently safe when used with biologics,” said Peter Mehring, President and CEO of Intelleflex. “By using RFID for package-level temperature monitoring, producers of biologics can not only take preventive action to safeguard their products during shipping, warehousing, and delivery, but can also maintain end-to-end traceability of those products to address pending ePedigree and serialization requirements, all helping to ensure patient safety.”

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