RFID vehicle tracking technologyRFID vehicle tracking system has made its way into the parking management due to the fast growth in RFID based technology. Combining RFID tags, RFID readers with other relevant technology, RFID vehicle tracking systems play an important opportunity in efficient parking management. It can be said that parking management without high level RFID vehicle tracking systems have a few weaknesses such as higher costs, lower labor, financial loss, disappearing cars, etc.

The new generation of RFID vehicle tracking systems have solved the bygone problems via the strong identification and the flexible reading range of RFID products. Among various vendors, Daily RFID has newly released RFID vehicle tracking system to extend the usage of RFID technology in vehicle management.

As the high performance system, RFID vehicle tracking system can furnish many benefits to vehicle management via the large datum management. For example, the RFID reader DL920 existing in the RFID vehicle tracking system can be connected to remote computer through the USB and transmit the large data of parking management to be processed. Working from ISM 902Mhz to 928Mhz or from 920 Mhz to 925Mhz, the RFID reader DL920 can implement the highly automatic, accurate and real time information acquisition in parking management via assisting the RFID vehicle tracking system. In addition to the readers, the RFID vehicle tags are also indispensible and significant part in RFID vehicle tracking system. Available in UHF 860MHZ~960MHZ global frequency, the RFID vehicle tag signals the parking transceiver as entering or existing a parking lot and shows the read range of up to 9~15 feet to parking management. And the RFID vehicle tracking system will identify the vehicle accurately and quickly when RFID reader reads the information stored in the tag’s chip duly. In other words, by the RFID vehicle tracking system, the RFID tag can transmit the datum to the central computer for processing, archiving and reference, and then implement the secured parking.

Based on the RFID technology, the RFID vehicle tracking system becomes an efficient tool for vehicle control.  These advanced RFID vehicle tracking systems have fulfilled the vehicle tracking and management, therefore widely utilized in airports, gated communities, truck and bus terminals, employee parking lots etc.

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