RFID Washer by Holland 1916
RFID Washer by Holland 1916
Holland 1916, a manufacturer of rugged identification products, invents a simple way to RFID enable machines. The RFID Washer is ideal for tagging just about anything that is put together with regular bolts, such as machines, assembly stations, and equipment. A naturally unobtrusive RFID tag solution since it simply replaces a standard washer with an RFID washer of similar shape and size.

These RFID washers are suitable for a number of applications including asset tracking of automotive, industrial, construction, and oil and gas equipment. “The RFID Washer provides a seamless way of RFID-enabling existing machines to communicate with users, maintenance workers, or even other machinery to open up a new world of operations,” says Holland 1916 RFID Sales Executive, Zack Barron. Deploying an RFID washer to enable M2M communications makes sense for many applications such as inspection and audits, assembly verification, asset tracking, maintenance operations, security seals, and equipment verification. Holland 1916 has the capabilities to manufacture the RFID washer to the customer’s preferred shape and size. Custom human-readable etched graphics for private labeling or critical data is an additional option.

The innovative stainless steel design of the RFID Washer allows the washer to survive the harsh oil and gas environment. The customer has the option of having LF, HF or UHF transponders embedded into the RFID Washer. Holland 1916 provides custom branding, human-readable markings, and encoding. About Holland 1916 Founded 95 years ago, Holland 1916 is a progressive product identification manufacturer for the industrial market. Holland 1916’s RFID division specializes in the custom design and production of highly durable RFID transponder carrier solutions for extreme environments.

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  1. Holland 1916 amazed us when the invented the RFID bolt but an RFID washer takes it to another level of genius.