( SkyRFID recently introduced its new RFID solution, which enables weapons, tactical gear and other weapon parts to be equipped with RFID technology.

The web-based system allows weapons to be tracked through the use of RFID tags as well as through the use of RFID cards to gain access to secure locations where weapons are stored.

Details about the weapon including inventory, types of weapons and other important information can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is web access and the correct passwords needed are available. Such information can be easily retrieved in a matter of seconds.

Inventory can be physically monitored using a handheld reader and the numbers can be easily matched with the graphical locations of the weapons through the computer workstation. This can aid in easily discovering if any weapons or parts are missing, or have been misplaced on a wrong shelf. Additionally, door portals are used to do an automated check in and check out, helping to ensure that all counts have been completed correctly.

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