RFID application for Superbowl XLV
RFID application for Superbowl XLV

(RFIDWorld.ca) On this Superbowl XLV Sunday, the Budlight Hotel in Dallas will feature an RFID Application on Facebook which will allow Superbowl viewers to share their experiences simply by swiping their RFID-enabled wristbands at kiosks.
The new temporary service will allow Facebook users with the wristbands who are guest to sync their accounts with RFID-enabled tokens.  The whole process will be very simple and quick.
Guests experiences can be shared in seconds via a kiosk without having any access to a computer or mobile device.  This can be done by simply scanning their token at an RFID reader to automatically post their activities on Facebook.
Pictures can also be automatically posted by scanning the RFID tokens at the kiosk.  The pictures can be posted in the same way as experiences or stories shared–scanning the tokens in the RFID readers.

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