RFID Services


Welcome to our new RFID Services page! This is exciting for us! With all of the knowledge and background we have in the RFID market, we think it is the next step in our journey. We have always been a site for all your RFID news in Canada and elsewhere. Now, we are opening it up and providing a section for those of you who are looking for more than just the news. We can help with integration, installation, training, consultation and sales of all your barcoding and RFID requirements!

Do you need RFID hardware? Readers, Antennas, RFID Printers, Handheld Readers….let us know what you are looking for!





Are you looking for software to handle the reading of RFID tags? Just tell us!

Do you need RFID labels to apply to your asset/product so you can track it throughout your supply chain? We can help you!


Maybe you have a project where you need some guidance or a consultant. We are here to help you with all your RFID needs. So, not only are we going to continue to provide all the latest news in RFID, we are now also going to be able to help you with all your RFID projects!

Some of the services we will provide are:

  • RFID Site surveys
  • RFID printer installation, repair, consultation, support and training (Printer selection same as above)
  • RFID mounted reader/antenna installation, consultation, support and training
  • RFID label/tag selection/design/consultation
  • RFID software installation, support, training and consultation
  • Service bureau work (printing and encoding of small jobs where customers aren’t ready to make the investment on hardware/software)

Please click here to go to our Contact Us page or send us an email at info@rfidworld.ca and send us your requirements/questions/needs and one of our experts will respond right back to you! We look forward to helping you, we can’t wait!