Rogers Suretap logo
Rogers Suretap logo

Rogers, one of Canada’s wireless and media giants announced the launch of their suretap™ wallet, as part of their mobile payments business. The timing of this product is the 2nd step for Rogers in becoming a leader in the Canadian mobile payments space as a year ago Rogers also became Canada’s first certified, commercial mobile credit card transaction using an NFC (near field communication) device.


The suretap wallet will be launched in the coming weeks and is the 1st of its kind offered by a wireless carrier in Canada, representing a new innovation in mobile payments, especially for its currents customers. People with Rogers can who download the suretap wallet will have the ability to add a Rogers Prepaid MasterCard that can be loaded with funds to use at their favourite retailers. Gift card functionality has also been added to the suretap™ wallet. In the coming months, customers will have the ability to download, store and manage virtual gift cards from their favourite retailers.

The suretap™ wallet will be available on a number of Android and BlackBerry devices, and can be used at tens of thousands of contactless payment terminals across Canada. Through the suretap solution, personal payment information and credentials are stored on the secure SIM card inside an NFC-enabled smartphone.

Rogers indicated hopes that Canadians will eventually be able to quickly and securely access cards they carry in their physical wallet on their smartphone and committed to driving the adoption of mobile payments across Canada.

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