Plate of Sushi
Plate of Sushi

( – With a high number of customers to please at Sakae Sushi, they have decided to incorporate RFID technology into their serving system to become more efficient in serving both fresh and clean food in a timely manner.

Now with the use of RFID technology, the restaurant will be able to provide not only sushi that is fresh but also clean.

The Executive Vice-president of Sakae Sushi, Ms. Lilian Foo, said that even though RFID technology is commonly used for military purposes, Sakae Sushi is the first food company to use such technology.

Each plate of sushi is embedded with an RFID tag at the bottom of it and the RFID tags have been programmed to expire in 1 hour for raw food while cooked food is timed to expire in two hours. A computer that is connected to the tag system tracks the plates and when they are prepared making sure that nothing is served after the time limits.

To maintain freshness in the past, the chefs used a colour coding system to differentiate the hours of the day. However, the problem with the colour coding system was that as the number of customers grew the demand for a wider variety of dishes also grew which meant that there were not enough colours for all the variety of dishes. In addition to that, it was possible for chefs to miss a few plates here and there that may have passed the expiring time.

With the RFID system in place, the chefs are now able to focus on the preparation of food which means that more customers leave satisfied with their food and thus are return customers who eventually become “regulars”. The RFID system has also allowed the restaurant to save money in many areas including the need for less employees because more of the tracking work is now being done by the new RFID system.

Ms. Foo shared that the RFID system has overall allowed the restaurant to track demand for various dishes making it easier for chefs to prepare according to daily expected orders. Since dishes that are not in demand are being prepared less, this allows for less wastage resulting in more savings.

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  1. Sakae is far from the first company to first use RFID with sushi. In fact, Blue C Sushi, in Seattle, Washington did this several years ago and it has been covered by Wall Street Journal, Forbes and other press. Since then, the solution has been made available for licensing: