RFID Healthcare Smart Cabinets
RFID Healthcare Smart Cabinets

Meditek, who is Skytron’s supplier in Western Canada is supplying  healthcare smart cabinets in Canada. SkyTrac, a product line of cabinets integrated with RFID technology, makes it easier for healthcare facilities to automatically track consumable items used for patient care.

Using the RFID technology, SkyTrac smart cabinets automatically track products such as sutures, stents and implants, which eliminate the need for manual tracking. In addition to allowing hospital staff to spend less time on inventory, the cabinets also are able to send alerts for recalled or expired products.

SkyTrac’s data collection and analysis benefits hospitals by avoiding under and over stocking, and by capturing critical product use data for patient records. These latest smart cabinets are designed to reduce loss and misplacement of supplies, all the while improving efficiency and patient safety.

SkyTrac smart cabinets feature exclusive technology by WaveMark, Inc. WaveMark reports that individual hospital departments have with its technology saved over 500 staff hours, reduced on-hand inventory by as much as 30 percent and experienced savings greater than $200,000 or more annually.

Some examples of the benefits of SkyTrac smart cabinets include automatic RFID data collection reads items in the cabinets every 30 minutes as well as the elimination of redundant data entry with integration to HIS, EMR and ERP systems.

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