NFC inlay Midas+
NFC inlay Midas+

SMARTRAC, a leader in RFID technology announced its new NFC inlay Midas+ designed for products with space restrictions. Based on NXP’s NTAG213 chip, which has a unique ID mirror functionality that makes every single tag individually identifiable, Midas+ is the perfect thin NFC inlay for embedding in all toys, electronic gadgets and other accessories that benefit from authentication.

With a die-cut size of 13.5 x 21mm / 0.53 x 0.83” and an antenna size of 11.5 x 19mm / 0.45 x 0.75”, Midas+ is well suited for electronics and gaming applications, where inlays are embedded in very limited space. The new inlay offers very high reliability and improved performance, due to its new antenna design and the antenna made from aluminium.

Midas+ is available with the NXP NTAG213 chip and comes with the unique ID (UID) mirror functionality, which enables the chip serial number to be mirrored as part of its encoded URL address. This feature allows every tag to be read and identified as unique from the application perspective, without requiring users to encode inlays with different numbers. Midas+ NFC inlays are based on the ISO 14443 A standard, and are also compatible with NFC Forum standards. They come with 144 bytes of memory and in wet inlay format by default.

For Mikko Nikkanen, Senior Director, Segment Industry, Electronics and Gaming at SMARTRAC, Midas+ fits perfectly into the companies’ recent gaming related activities: “Though Midas+ is also ideal for every small product that benefits from authentication, our new inlay was especially designed with gaming in mind. Embedded in toys, accessories or collectable cards, Midas+ will enable these things to act as active elements in console and mobile gaming.”

Midas+ NFC inlays are available as of now, globally.

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