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SMARTRAC, a developer, manufacturer and supplier of RFID products announced that it has entered into an agreement with Round Rock Research LLC to resolve a RFID patent dispute.

The RFID license agreement with Round Rock provides a solution for end users including retailers, brand owners, customers and RFID supply chain partners, for undeterred RFID deployments. The agreement is further designed to facilitate dismissal of pending litigation between Round Rock and retailers and brand owners based on follow-on individual agreements. The licensing agreement is non-exclusive.

End users, such as retailers and brand owners that implement RFID solutions using SMARTRAC licensed RFID tags, which may be processed, supplied, or distributed through SMARTRAC’s customers and supply chain network, and used in combination with Motorola Solutions’ fixed and handheld readers, are free from Round Rock RFID patent claims.

“As a global leader in the RFID industry, SMARTRAC could not take a ‘wait and see’ approach towards this litigation, which threatened to slow RFID adoption in key markets,” said Clemens Joos, SMARTRAC Chairman and CEO. “The agreement is designed to provide protection for all of our trusted partners in the value chain, at the same time, clearly showing our intent to collaborate for the greater benefit of the entire industry.”|

SMARTRAC has its registered headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. SMARTRAC also offers its products in the Canadian market through its distributor RFID Canada.

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