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A closer look at the benefits of going mobile

In business, the best technology innovations help companies identify, automate, and simplify. Put another way, they help people and organizations solve problems.

Mobile applications are a prime example of this. These applications help companies across industries track assets and perform other key tasks by easily scanning barcodes and RFID tags. But they also do more than that. They help companies solve critical problems, like incomplete business data, errors in their data, inefficient processes, inconsistent work methods, or a lack of accountability in the workforce.

In this article we examine the ways mobile applications solve common business problems by providing better data, increased efficiency, and increased visibility.

Better data

With mobile applications, companies can improve their data collection, as well as the type of data collected. Mobile applications allow you to collect data that is:

  • More accurate: Data collected through barcode and RFID mobile scanning applications contain fewer errors. By removing manual methods of data entry, companies reduce human error, and improve their data accuracy. This can have dramatic impact on a company’s bottom line, and products and services they provide.
  • More complete: Mobile applications can gather more data than other methods. Paper forms can’t capture pictures, GPS coordinates, barcodes, signatures, and other essential items for today’s business. Mobile applications help you gather and process that extra information, creating richer data.
  • More current: Many companies struggle with timeliness of their data. Manual data collection can be delayed by hours, days, or even weeks. Mobile applications can provide up-to-the-minute data, allowing for better decision making.

Increased efficiency

With mobile applications, companies can reduce waste and increase return. Your company experiences:

  • More time: Mobile applications reduce the amount of time needed to enter inventory, track and find items, and assess operations, freeing up employees and increasing productivity.
  • Reduced costs: By utilizing methods with more accuracy, you reduce the costs that can be incurred with error-filled data.
  • More ROI: With more efficiency in your operations, your return on investment improves!

Increased visibility

With mobile applications, companies can gain a clearer picture of their operations, enabling them to make improvements and better decisions. Mobile applications can be the catalyst for:

  • Better insight into the field: Mobile apps provide data on inventory, products, and processes, but also on those that manage them. Companies can get a clearer picture of what their workforce does and how quickly they do it. This helps identify inefficiencies and opportunities, but also provides accountability for internal needs and external regulations.
  • More consistent processes: Mobile apps can remove the widely varied and inconsistent data collection methods currently in play. They streamline and simplify, and help companies enforce best practices.

Go mobile

If you’re ready to solve your business problems with mobile apps, consider the tool that bridges the gap between off-the-shelf and custom apps.

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