Triathlon RFID Tracking
Triathlon RFID Tracking

(RFID World Canada) Quebec’s, Spec Performance, a swimming specialty store and sports event organizer has recently announced that after three pilot projects done in June of this year, they have decided to go ahead and use their newly developed RFID timekeeping system at all their sports events such as swimming races and triathlons.

After dealing with environmental challenges that come with triathlons, president of Spec Performance, Simon Faucher, gave the go ahead to Academia RFID—Montreal’s Microsoft award-winning TESTeam—directing them to create the new UHF RFID solution.

The swimming and bicycling events had far too many transition points for the existing systems using RF antenna-equipped floor mats to be efficient so the new UHF RFID snap-pipe portals were built with waterproof UHF wristbands and bib tags for swimming marathons.  These were made after numerous calculations based on size, placement, and performance so that the best the most accurate rates would output.

Faucher is pleased with the outcome and said that what he is seeing now is exactly what he envisioned six months ago.  He further said that the system requirements were directly catered to the specific event needs and he is happy for the fact that although he created new applications using existing components, he felt no pressure to work with pre-determined hardware vendors.

The Spec Performance system manages both the events and the participants of the events and is now being used across Quebec.  Some of the areas they take care of in terms of sports event management are timing, ranking and simultaneous multi-event reporting.

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