(RFIDWorld.ca) WaveMark, a provider of RFID-based supply chain solutions for hospitals and medical device manufacturers, has brought a new RFID product to the market through a collaborative effort. The company has teamed up with University of Massachusetts Lowell.

A team of students in the UMass plastics engineering program has been working closely with WaveMark to bring out a specialized RFID tag for hospital use. The new RFID device allows for the saving of space in the existing WaveMark RFID-enabled smart cabinets in hospitals. Overall storage efficiency is improved as a result of being able to track products in the cabinets without having to keep them facing a certain way so the human eye can find them.

Critical supplies used in healthcare and medical departments are currently stored in WaveMark’s RFID-enabled smart cabinets with a real-time tracking system. As a result, there are many benefits to hospitals including reduction in cost of containment, increase in patient safety and regulatory compliance.

An additional advantage of the cabinet is the ability to lock the doors, which can be accessed with an RFID fob or PIN to identify the individual who accessed the product. Hospital products security is well maintained as a result of the lock system.

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