(RFIDWorld.ca) Taiwan is going far with its RFID technology primarily in areas of healthcare, agriculture related applications as well as for air defense.

According to the “Global RFID Market Analysis till 2010” report, the global RFID market will grow at a CAGR of approximately 17% during the period of 2010-2013.  During the same period the RFID market for healthcare will grow at a rate of about 20%.

The report that gave the above results was separated into three regions—The Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific. The Americas included a detailed study of the US and Canada while the EMEA group consisted of studies done in UK, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands.  In the Asia Pacific region, the countries studied were, China, India, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, and Taiwan.  The RFID market was studied in all these areas and results showed that the market for RFID is growing the fastest in the Asia Pacific region.        

Other groups that are studied in the Global RFID Market Analysis till 2010 report     are healthcare, retail, automotive, government, transportation and consumer packaged goods.

In addition the report consists of studies done on the growth and effects of tag/transponder readers and software market.

Finally, the report studies the potential growth areas, current infrastructure, government support and their impact on the market.

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