It was announced yesterday that Target has chosen Avery Dennison for an RFID project to help maximize inventory availability and deliver an enhanced guest experience. This deployment is the largest of its kind.

Avery Dennison has a broad UHF RFID portfolio for a variety of performance and needs, which is a contributing factor to the partnership with Target. Avery has done quite a bit of work in the apparel industry including a number of home products. Avery’s RFID tags have gone through many different testing stages and has proven to work seamlessly within the current trim products which will help with the branding of the garments being tagged.

For anyone who is in the apparel industry, you will need an accurate vision of stock and whether it is available or not. This is very important to Target and is a big driver for other retailers to deliver an optimized omnichannel experience. Avery has said that they are honored to be chosen as a business partner in this initiative.

When RFID tags are attached to objects, RFID technology will use radio waves to identify the products. The tags can also store information electronically. This technology is growing in this industry not only for supply chain activity but give the customer an enhanced experience when shopping for clothing.

Imagine going to a clothing store, shopping for the size of pants you really like only to find they don’t have your size. You ask the store clerk to check inventory for your size, and the system shows one pair is in the store. Where is it? The clerk then takes a handheld and starts scanning the pants section. BEEP….the clerk finds the pair as it was just misplaced. This is becoming a reality.

Avery Dennison has many different patents and applications within the retail industry and is driving much of that technology.

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