ThingMagic, a JADAK brand, has just introduced enhancements to the ThingMagic® Sargas 2-port UHF RFID Reader. The main enhancements add support for more RFID protocols, RAINstream application to add an easier integration to data and easier implementation of the reader into other existing eco-systems.

The details of these three items are as follows:

  • More RFID Reader Protocols to Support Other Vertical Markets

The ThingMagic Sargas RAIN readers will now support the AEI ATA, IP-X and ISO 18000-6B protocols along w the current support class 1 gen 2 protocol. The AEI (Automatic Equipment Identification) and ATA (American Trucking Association) protocols are normally used in the trucking and railroad verticals.

  • RAINstream On-Reader Application

RAINstream is a licensable on-reader application for the Sargas reader that removes the middleware between the RFID reader and the backend system. “When you install the license key, users can write script software to obtain the tag data from the reader. Reader control is not required. The script to use is then stripped down to a half a dozen lines of code.” said Harinath Reddy, Director of RFID Innovation, at JADAK.

The tag data can be issued to a backend system that uses any of many protocols which include TCP, HTTP POST, serial connection, keyboard emulation or to a file on a USB drive. The tag data format is the same for either one used.

  • Real-Time Clock Functionality

Reader support for both on-board RTC (Real Time Clock) hardware and NTP (Network Time Protocol) server operation. Users can choose the Thunderbolt® NTP Time Server to grab an accurate network time to a large number of Sargas readers. If there is a power loss or the reader is removed from the network, the RTC will retain information for roughly 48 hours.

  •  RFID Demo on-board with Wedge Data Format

The keyboard wedge shows tag data from the reader as if it were entered from a keyboard. This enables developers to quickly implement RFID into existing hardware and systems without the need to re-write code. 

  • Web User Interface Advancements

Improvements to the Sargas reader web User Interface (UI) allows diagnostic features to make reader setup, demonstration and debug much easier/user friendly. Also included is improved status reporting and configuration to support new enhancements.

  • Link-Link Support

The link-link functionality allows the network connection between a reader and computer with no network infrastructure. Developers can connect the Sargas reader to the network port on a laptop without a network switch.

  • Available

The new protocols are accessed via the license key system built into the Mercury API (applications programming interface).


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