Toshiba America Electronic Comp TC35670FTGToshiba America Electronic Components, (TAEC) launched a low power consumption, dual-function Integrated Circuit (IC) that supports both Bluetooth® Low Energy (LE)1 and Near Field Communications (NFC) Type 3 Tag functions2. The TC35670FTG has been designed for use in Bluetooth Smart3 devices such as sensors, toys and, most notably, touch-and-start smartphone accessories and wearable healthcare devices.

The new IC joins Toshiba’s line-up of Bluetooth LE ICs, and offers two key features: easy operation of Bluetooth pairing with NFC Tag function; low power consumption stand-by status to increase battery lifetimes for devices powered by small coin-cell batteries. The device achieves peak power consumption of 5.9 milliamperes for Bluetooth communication (@3.3V, -4dBm transmitter output power or receiver operation) and just 600 microamperes or lower for NFC Tag communication (@3.3V). It also achieves power consumption of just 0.1 microamperes or lower in deep sleep4 (@3.3V).

Deepak Mithani, director, Mixed-Signal Business Unit, System LSI Group at TAEC, noted, “Previously, component specifiers had to integrate Bluetooth and NFC Tag ICs when designing a system supporting both communication functions. In comparison, Toshiba’s approach offers a design that will help to minimize the part counts, reduce the assembly area by about 30 percent and shorten system development timelines.”

The NFC Tag function can enable easy pairing of Bluetooth LE devices, as well as provide a convenient on/off switch function, which reduces stand-by power drain and contributes to longer battery life. In addition, both the Blueto oth LE and NFC Tag functions can be put in stand-by mode, and the connection from the first function accessed can be prioritized.

The Bluetooth component has a receiver sensitivity of -92.5dBm and transmitter output power of between 0dBm to -20dBm (4dB steps). It supports GATT (Generic Attribute Profile) including both client and server functions, as well as host-based and stand-alone systems. It features a DC-DC converter, low-drop regulator, general-purpose ADC, user-program function, wake-up signal for the host device and PWM function.

The NFC Tag component has a 1.5 Kbyte E2PROM for storing data that component specifiers can access using both the BLE and NFC Tag to connect to each I2C interface, allowing data to be easily handled in each system. Toshiba also offers various Bluetooth LE standard profiles to be used in combination with application programming.

The TC35670FTG is available on a QFN40 package measuring 6mm x 6mm, 0.5mm pitch, and supports an operating temperature range of -30°C to 85°C.

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