Technology, Patents, Licensing (TPL)
Technology, Patents, Licensing (TPL)

( Technology, Patents and Licensing Inc. (TPL), recently announced that it is selling its RFID Patent Portfolio. TPL is a patent analysis, strategy and transactions firm and it developed the patent portfolio over the last five years. The patent portfolio covers aspects of RFID tracking and tracks certain techniques and databases for tracking critical items.

RFID technology more efficiently allows to track and identify objects, compared to more older manual methods such as barcode systems that have been in use since the 1970s. With many practical applications, RFID technology can be easily tagged onto any object–big or small–to track and manage inventory, assets or even people. Some distinguished RFID patent holders are IBM, Samsung, Motorola Solutions, Siemens and Hitachi.

Dr. Charles Eldering, TPL’s founder and president developed five patents in the portfolio. Eldering recruited Pete Kuzma, an RFID expert to lead the research and development program which allowed inventors to develop patent applications which they believed would have significant economic value after the patents would be issued and the technology evolved.

According to Kuzma, working together with Dr. Eldering was an experience which not only taught him a lot but through both of their hardwork they were able to create inventions they could have never thought of individually. It required their minds to work together he said. He further stated that they worked collaboratively as well as very efficiently together.

Dr. Eldering believes that the time for strategic patenting as come and is something that will get very far in the RFID industry. He holds advanced degrees in electrical engineering and solid state science and technology.

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