Customers are using the Ski Lift
Customers are using the Ski Lift

(RFID World Canada) Next season, snowboarders and skiers will be facilitated with new “smart card” technology when they go to Treble Cone skifield.  The offer will be valid for those who buy chairlift passes. 

The lift passes will be equipped with radio frequency identification (RFID) technology–something new being enacted for the skifield’s smart card ticketing system.  This new technology will allow for individual day, multi and season lift pass holders to bypass ticket scanning by operators of the skifield.

This new technology has been made to replace and outdated ticketing system which failed to scan ski lift season passes this winter for the first six weeks of the season.

The new smart card system was installed at Queenstown’s Coronet Peak skifield this year and proved to be successful.  It’s especially popular because it allows skiers and snowboarders to monitor the vertical amount of metres skied during a season.

The RFID ticketing system will be installed during the summer when operational gates will be operating at the six-seater Home Basin chairlift and another at the quad-chair in the Saddle Basin.

Gates in the operating locations will be passable automatically with the usage of smart cards which will be embedded with RFID tags.  The gate will be accessible after a tickets authenticity is confirmed.

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  1. How cool! New technology is amazing. We use smart cards through out my office building, and they make everything much more efficient and safer. I wouldn’t be surprised if within the next ten years more places, like ski resorts, start using them.