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( Zander Livingston, CEO of Truecount Corporation, a RFID for retail software firm, will share his RFID expertise with supply chain professionals in an educational session entitled, “The Promise of RFID” during the 26th Annual Materials Handling & Logistics Conference, September 18 – 21, 2011 in Park City, Utah.

With the supply chain on the rebound, and entering a new era of “lean and mean” operations, Livingston will discuss the advantages and benefits of RFID for rapid counting and tracking products as they move from the manufacturing floor to the store shelf.

“Retailers today demand a more responsive supply chain and better supply chain performance, especially in the apparel and footwear sphere where speed to market is vital due to seasonality and fast-changing trends” says Livingston.

For meeting supply chain needs, RFID surpasses other counting and tracking systems in speed and accuracy, with the ability to count hundreds of items per second and achieve 99+ percent accuracy. “RFID brings maximum visibility to the supply chain, with real time data that facilitates both on-the-spot decision making and long range forecasting,” says Livingston. “At the same time, RFID delivers new levels of inventory intelligence that reveals any chinks or cracks in the supply chain, helping to control loss and shrink.”

Livingston points out that RFID’s tracking and tracing prowess brings added value to activities surrounding recalls, returns and indentifying defective or counterfeit merchandise. “The benefits of RFID for the supply chain are too numerous for retailers and the retail supply chain to deny. Early adopters will have a competitive advantage and be on a path to meeting the regulatory and compliance demands of the future.”

RFID has proven to be so effective at boosting efficiencies and cutting costs that industry analysts are predicting RFID will dominate the supply chain by 2015.

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