Rivers Casino uses RFID
Rivers Casino uses RFID

(RFIDWorld.ca) Rivers Casino recently installed InvoTech’s GIMS automatic ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID garment tracking system.  The system will aid in managing over 20,000 custom-made staff uniforms.

Invotech has signed a contract with Rivers Casino which includes providing UHF-RFID tracking tags directly to the casinos uniforms supplier so that the uniforms are made with the tags securely affixed in them from the start.  This allows for a head start in tracking the uniforms. The minute they arrive onto the casino premise, they are detectable and can be traced, and kept track of. The location of each uniform is known at all times with the use of the RFID tag, even if the uniform is in a laundry machine or dry cleaning area.

The correct uniform will be delivered to each an every employee that comes to work every day.  Employees will come to card, go into the uniform room and wave their sensor detecting card around in the room. This will in turn, bring their respective uniforms to them via a conveyer system. This can all be done in under a minute and at the same time the GIMS system records when the uniform has been taken out as well as to whom it has gone.

Due to the fact that Rivers Casino has over 1300 employees who work in various area of the casino which have different themes, there is a lot of tracking required to keep inventory checks.  There are between 12 and 15 uniform  styles which go with different themes around the casino. The constant moving of uniforms and switching of shifts allows for uniforms to be ready for employees in a timely fashion.  Labour intensive processes related to maintaining uniforms are also drastically eliminated because of the GIMS system that can count hundreds of garments per minute.
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