A Real-Time Location Systems (RFID-over-Wi-Fi™), was implementated  at Grandview Middle School in Grandview, Washington because of its location-aware safety alerting solution and wireless panic buttons.

With the wireless RFID panic button solution by Ekahau , teachers simply pull down on their wearable Ekahau badges in the event of an emergency, instantly sending their location and other emergency details to nearby teachers and local dispatchers. Unlike stationary panic buttons, the Ekahau solution reduces emergency response times by eliminating the need for map look-ups and by offering proximity-based text alerts to those closest to an emergency.

Grandview Police dispatchers can also log-in to Ekahau Vision™ RTLS software to send mass notification text messages to Ekahau badge-holders, without dependence on cellular networks. In addition, Ekahau software automatically records and time-stamps all emergency events, tracking where they occurred, who responded and resolutions, for review by the School Board and police.

“The Ekahau solution helps us locate teachers quickly and effectively respond to health emergencies,” said Kevin Chase Superintendent of the Grandview School District. He adds, “Unlike video surveillance solutions or armed guards, the Ekahau solution is very affordable and any school can adopt it to make their school safer.”

“Ekahau’s active RFID alerting solution instantly gives dispatchers the room-level location of school emergencies, so that they can act quickly,” said Mark Norris, President and CEO of Ekahau.

The Ekahau RTLS solution leveraged the school’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure investment, eliminating the need for costly, wired readers in every classroom.

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