Blackboard Transact and NXP NFC Technology
Blackboard Transact and NXP NFC Technology

Blackboard Inc. announced that, in collaboration with NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI), they have shipped more than one million near-field communication (NFC)-compatible campus cards since 2012. This milestone further demonstrates Blackboard’s continued commitment to providing education institutions with the most secure, flexible, and open-standard campus card/credential solutions.

Institutions nationwide including UCLA, Quinnipiac University, Liberty University, University of Oklahoma, and Central Michigan University, are utilizing these cards to provide higher levels of service for students through faster and more secure transactions at all types, both on- and off-campus. By aligning with the open NFC standard, these schools are able to provide their students with a highly secure credential that continues while paving the way for the introduction of truly native NFC mobile solutions.

“We see the campus card as a student service,” said Deb Nightingale, Liberty University Card Director. “At Liberty, we are very focused on the customer. We wanted to choose a path and make decisions that would allow us to deliver enhanced student services in a highly-secure manner. We know that going forward, students won’t want to carry a card, so we are strategically moving toward a mobile credential and becoming NFC-capable sets us up for that nicely.”

“We are thrilled and extremely proud of this milestone, not only because it is a true testament to our leadership in the technology community, leveraging one of many open standards, but more importantly because it demonstrates the meaningful difference NFC is having in securing and improving the student experience,” said David Marr, SVP of Blackboard Transact. “We are privileged to serve our community and the forward-thinking institutions that, by standardizing on NFC technology, are ensuring a secure and innovative student experience. Native NFC unlocks a world of ubiquitous possibilities for all Blackboard Transact enabled campuses, regardless of form factor be it card, wrist band, watch, mobile phone, or tablet.”

“As one of the leading pioneers for the use of technology to secure US campuses we are truly excited to see Blackboard achieve this outstanding milestone,” said Matthias Poppel, general manager, secure mobility and retail, NXP Semiconductors. “We have worked together for many years creating the best technology solutions for student credentials. Blackboards’ push to adopt NFC in addition to their existing MIFARE-based solutions, back in 2012 showed incredible insight into the potential of this technology. The security, convenience and flexibility that NXPs NFC and MIFARE solutions bring truly reflect the student lifestyle. Now access to campus services can be simply enabled via a smart watch or smart phone.”

Along with Liberty University, Blackboard and NXP Semiconductors recently hosted a webinar that provided insight into how institutions can implement this technology on their campuses.

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