Vilant RFID
Vilant RFID

The whole of Finnish state rail network will be run with RFID implementation since an agreement was recently made for Vilant to provide an RFID system for the transport agency. Vilant will install 120 specialized RFID Reader Units, integrating them with the existing detector network.

The new system will aim to improve overall service and safety measures. All speeds up to 250km/h will be monitored in real-time in all areas including remote areas that the trains travel through.

Liikennevirasto is responsible for the management, development and maintenance of the Finnish railway network to ensure that safety needs are met. A network of detectors is constantly monitored by Liikennevirasto using RFID technology.

The new RFID system will allow for a standard based solution, which will enable interoperability to allow information to easily flow between train operators and others. This will allow for preventive measures related to safety in that wagons will be more easily located allowing quicker fixes.

Passive GEN2 RFID technology will be used for the new system for which detectors will be located in various areas. The detectors will then collect information from passing rail cars on the tracks at any given time.

“The results of the pilot were most satisfactory,” says Seppo Mäkitupa, Senior Officer at Liikennevirasto. “Vilant was able to show that the RFID System is reliable and working with almost 100% accuracy. This convinced us that passive GEN2 RFID technology works and we can start to take advantage of the benefits it offers.”

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