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(RFID World Canada) VingCard Elsafe, the global leader in hospitality security and part of the ASSA ABLOY Group, announces newly implemented enhancements to the electronics and lock control units of its best-in-class RFID locking systems that are providing an even more satisfying guest experience, while building upon the company’s strident security standards.

Recent advancements to VingCard’s RFID locking technology—which include, among other improvements, a newly optimized internal antenna—have increased the reading speed of the systems by almost 50% over earlier versions. Similarly, the new platform enables RFID locks to read keycards from more than twice as far.

“VingCard Elsafe has been at the forefront of the global adoption of RFID technology in hotel locks, since we launched the first RFID contactless lock for the hospitality industry five years ago,” says Rune Venas, executive vice president of business development for VingCard Elsafe. These latest significant enhancements to our RFID technology offerings ensure that VingCard Elsafe will remain a driver of hotel security innovation.”

VingCard Elsafe introduced RFID locking technology in 2006, and has since installed more than half a million RFID locks at properties around the globe. In addition to RFID’s many security and operational benefits, one of the key factors in VingCard Elsafe’s decision to develop this technology was its ability to eliminate a concern with traditional magstripe keycards. Because magstripe cards are easily de-magnetized by being kept in close proximity to cell phones, guest keycards must often be re-encoded. RFID technology effectively eliminates that issue, and has proven to be a more secure and reliable platform overall.

Many major international hotel chains are now adopting RFID for their guestroom locking solutions, and this industry-wide adoption has made RFID the new locking technology standard worldwide.

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