Vizinex RFID, a designer and manufacturer of off-the-shelf and customized HF and UHF RFID tags, announced its new applications that have been released for gamma resistant, autoclave and asset tracking RFID tags.

The RFID tags featured, including the company’s Sentry AST tags, come with a unique platform designed for the much-needed sterilization and durability requirements for the healthcare industry.

The importance of the safety of patients can never be overstated and thus the two separate RFID tags that are offered by Vizinex, come with different sterilization requirements. The small footprint mount-on-metal tag is designed for locating high valued medical and laboratory assets. The Sentry ASTTM Autoclave tag can withstand a large number of autoclave sterilization cycles.

Phil Koppenhofer, Vice President of Sales and Marketing said that Vizinex tags are made very differently even though they help to fulfill the same goal as other existing tags. According to him, these tags are not only made to withstand high temperatures but also to withstand repeated temperature cycles between hot and cold. The company builds its own 3-dimensional inlays and due to this they can engineer a tag for the application specific purpose while competitors attempt to manually adjust the parameters of the basic tag, which can lead to potential failure points.

The Sentry ASTTM tag offered by Vizinex comes with the Fujitsu MB89R1118C chip, which has been tested to 80 kiloGrays, and provides 2Kbytes FRAM for extra data storage.

In the past, hospital devices such as gurneys, laptops and IV carts used adhesive barcodes in the past for tracking purposes but barcodes are no longer able to withstand the repeated disinfecting that is needed by the objects. The rigorous repeated cleaning needed today does not fit well with the old barcode option.

The increasing costs for healthcare also make it more crucial than ever to select top notch tracking systems so that loss is limited. There is a specific feature of the NXP G2iL + chip, which clearly identifies if a tag has been tampered with.

Ken Horton, CEO of Vizinex RFID stated, that the key to success of the Sentry AST product line lies in the level of durability and adaptability of it.

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