Wavemark is a RTIM solution provider
Wavemark is a RTIM solution provider

(RFIDWorld.ca) Wavemark introduced new smart cabinets that are RFID-enabled, for real-time tracking of important supplies used in healthcare and medical departments.

The cabinets are offered in three styles and can be locked.  They are accessible through an RFID fob or PIN, and the individual who accesses the supplies is also identified.

The cabinet styles include an upright cabinet with five shelves, which are made for high-value important and expensive products. Products for which the shelves are made are for pacemakers, implantable cardiac defibrillators.  There are also allotted sections for items which need higher security—all RFID based.

The cabinet is wireless and mobile so it can easily be transported from storage areas to procedure or surgery rooms.  Reliability is consistently maintained and the cabinet has over 12-hour battery life.  In addition, a tabletop cabinet is attached to store smaller inventories such as heart valves.

The RFID cabinets have been specifically made to allow hospitals to reduce costs while maintaining quality and efficiency.  Patient safety and regulations are also easier to maintain with such a system.

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