RFID chips in consumer Credit Cards
RFID chips in consumer Credit Cards

There are different ways people can tell if their credit or debit cards contain RFID chips and why RFID chips pose a threat to their financial security. 4 different ways are to:
1. Look on your card for a PayPass logo or “waves.” paypass waves

2. Test out your card at a PayPass reader to see if it works.

3. Search online by typing in your credit card company name with the word “RFID.” See what is being said.

4. Contact your credit card company and ask if your card type includes an RFID chip.

So what’s all the concern with these RFID chips?  The ease in which a thief could gather all your credit card information using a homemade reader is scary! To add to the concern, you could still have possession of your credit card and not even know your card information has been stolen. More details can be found here at HuMn’s blog.  The blog says that there are about 200 million cards currently in circulation that have RFID chips installed in them.

RFID chips were developed for convenience, the site says. They are installed in ID cards to get employees into secure parts of a building, or into a secured parking garage. Car doors and remote locking systems even utilize RFID technology. HuMn experts also say that when you attach your financial information to this type of convenience, trouble follows closely.

For approximately $100 an RFID scanner can be purchased online. Various experts have identified that thieves can pass by you, and using their RFID scanner can steal your credit card information and use it themselves without you even knowing it has been stolen.

Since your financial security is important and many fear the thought of compromising their details, HuMn says they created a wallet with technology that provides RFID protection.

Aluminum is a material that provides such protection, and most of the HuMn wallets are created with aluminum plates. The carbon fiber plates which are also in the HuMn wallet inventory, are custom-made with aluminum mesh to ensure that they are RFID secure as well. There are two different size options for people wanting a HuMn wallet; the larger Human Wallet 2 (HW2) and the HuMn Mini.

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  1. Another wallet that offers passive protection. Often if a RFID reader and antenna strength is dialled up, these passive type blocking wallets or sleeves can in-fact often be penetrated, at the most they may limit the distance you could be skimmed. There are some reputable bench tests out there is you do a google on the effectiveness of passive RFID blocking technology (or lack of it) Not saying that this wallet does but it is offering passive protection. Better to look into the first active RFID & NFC protection device on the market called Armourcard, google them or go to the website. http://www.armourcard.com/