(RFIDWorld.ca) Belfor Property Restoration in Alberta Canada has ordered its LogiBoxx system to improve automate its job costing process and to improve asset management, according to an announcement made by EarthSearch Communications. Belfor is known to analyze and restore fire, water, and storm damage of any kind and at any scale of damage.

The LogiBoxx integrated GPS and RFID solution will record and keep track of every time equipment is removed from the truck and the location at which it is removed.

RFID tags will monitor to keep certain that equipment is loaded and unloaded at the correct destination and whether the destination is an actual work site. The GPS system will get a wireless message that will display the content as follows: location and time equipment was delivered to the job site, generating billing information based on the cost allocated to each tool used.

Location of missing equipment will also be aided by the LogiBoxx system and alerts will also be generated when an employees has left tools or equipment behind. In turn the tracking of all equipment and locations will help Belfor to identify which truck has which equipment in which field.

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